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Libya, International Situation, USA, Greece, Book Reviews, International Womens Day, Tunisia, Arab revolutions, USA, Portugal/Youth, Germany/nuclear power, Cuba

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European Social Forum special issue


Some of the more popular pages

Public health service in Europe

Health systems in Europe – changes and resistance

Opening report to the healthworkers conference

This report opened the European healthworkers conference, held in the International Institute for Research and Education in May 2011.

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European Union

Core vs Periphery in the EU

From 1980 to 2004 joining the European Union was quite popular among large sections of the populations in concerned countries. Portuguese, Greek and Spanish citizens regarded their countries’ participation in the European integration both as a guarantee of democratic stability (indeed all three of them were emerging from a period of dictatorship) and as a real opportunity to improve living conditions (there were significant transfers from richer countries in the EU towards the new members from the Mediterranean region during the first years of their adhesion.

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An overview of the January 25th revolution

“For Dignity, Democracy and Social Justice”

Under these slogans the January 25th revolution erupted. The revolution, reflected both older grievances which had been growing particularly during the past 10 years and the rising protest movement against them. Amongst the major milestones of this movement which took on a social rather than a nationalist dimension was the famous workers’ movement of Elmehala textile workers in 2006. However, this movement was preceded by the rise in the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people in their second intifada El Aqsa uprising as well as against the occupation of Iraq by the American troops in 2003.

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