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Some of the more popular pages


Resisting homophobia and occupation

Haneen Maikey from the Palestinian queer group Al Qaws was in Amsterdam in June talking about their struggles for sexual emancipation and against the Israeli occupation. Alex de Jong spoke with her about being queer and Palestinan and the queer contribution to the Palestinian liberation movement for the Dutch newspaper Grenzeloos.

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Economic crisis

Getting to the root causes of the food crisis

The explosion of the economic crisis, the financial crisis and the food crisis in 2007-2008 showed just how interdependent the economies of the world are. These issues remain crucial today so we republish this article by Eric Toussaint written in November 2008.

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Foundations of an ecosocialist strategy

The following article was written especially for the latest issue of the Montréal-based journal Nouveaux Cahiers du Socialisme (NCS), which features a number of articles on the ecological crisis. The French text of this article as published by NCS was translated by Richard Fidler.

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