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Global perspectives; World Social Forum; New parties in England and Brazil.

Mumbai: World Social Forum; Kyoto.

Europe; Germany.

European Union today - 27 country survey; Middle East; Germany.

Challenges facing revolutionaries today: Building broad anti-capitalist parties; experiences in Italy and Brazil; updating Marxism - Daniel Bensaid.


Some of the more popular pages


Green Bans and the BLF: the labour movement and urban ecology

It is to the great credit of militant building workers in Australia that over 30 years ago they nailed their green colours to the mast and insisted that ecology was as much the concern of workers as wages and conditions.

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Middle East

An interview with Gilbert Achcar

We reproduce here an interview Gilbert Achcar gave on May 5, 2004 to Jean-François Marquis which was published in the new Swiss monthly “La Brèche” (June 2004). We have completed it with four further questions to which he replied on June 28, 2004.

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Is the Empire being defeated?

Despite all the media attention, the true scale of the Iraq conflict is concealed from the public in the West. What is happening is an utterly brutal all-out urban guerrilla war, with savage atrocities being committed by both sides. The scale of this is concealed with reports of “attacks” and “bombings”, apparently by disparate bands of desperadoes. Only occasionally, as with the turning-point battle of Falluja in April, does anything like the real scale of the fighting and the extent of American casualties get fully reported in the press and on TV.

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