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Israel invades Gaza; New anticapitalist party in France; United States.

Britain, France

Pakistan, France, World Social Forum

European-wide elections. Swine flu,

Tensions sharpen in Sri Lanka


Some of the more popular pages

Marxism / Fourth International

A systematic biography of Ernest Mandel

This is the first systematic biography of the main leader and theorist of the Fourth International after 1945, who was, as noted by Tariq Ali in his preface, one of the most creative and independent revolutionary thinkers of our time.

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South East Asia

Malaysia between change and political tension

The elections of Saturday March 8, 2008 represented an earthquake in Malaysian political life. The ruling coalition, the Barisan Nasional (BN, National Front) and its main party, the United Malays National Organisation (UNMO) suffered their most significant electoral defeat since independence in 1957.

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Capitalist crisis

Towards a Western/Eastern Europe Banking and Social Tsunami

Since the fall of ’Communism’ Eastern Europe has been presented as a capitalist success story. The credit crunch and capitalist recession is dramatically revealing how hollow this claim is.

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