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Ukrainians fighting for a better society

In Kiev tens of thousands risk their lives to protect the Maiden from police aggression. A participant in the January protests, socialist activist Ilya Budraitskis, argues that the left needs to be a stronger and more visible force in the movement.

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Die Linke takes another step towards adaptation

Germany’s Die Linke party (Left Party) met in a congress of preparation for the European parliamentary elections in mid-February 2014. Die Linke remains the first political reference point for those who orient to the left politically in Germany. In its programme, we find not only a whole series of demands and proposals in the interests of employees, the deprived, women, youth, and ecologically sustainable development, but also the objective of the transcendence of capitalism through a socialist and democratic project of society. Also, the party seems to have overcome the electoral crisis it underwent in 2011-2013 – it is at 11% in polls of voting intentions and thus begins to approach its best result, that of 2009, where it won 11.9% in the federal elections.

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Cuba: a victory and some risks

Statement of the Bureau of the Fourth International

The resumption of diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba as well as the release of three Cubans sentenced to life imprisonment in the USA for espionage constitutes a victory for the Cuban people. For more than 50 years and under a dozen presidents, the US administration has tried everything to destroy the Cuban revolution. Military intervention in 1961 at the Bay of Pigs , conspiracies to assassinate Cuban leaders, an economic embargo to strangle the life of the island, pressures of all kinds to isolate the country, everything has been tried to break Cuba. As was recognized by Obama, this strategy has failed. Facing the biggest world imperialist power, Cuba has held fast. It was not without difficulty, without suffering, but Cuba has held on, becoming an anti-imperialist reference for the entire Latin American left.

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