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Chinese ambitions - An imperialism in formation

China is not an "emerging country" but a power that has emerged. It is not a "sub-imperialism" ensuring order in its own region, but an imperialism "in formation." The new Chinese bourgeoisie is aiming to play in the big league. The success of its enterprise is still far from assured, but this ambition determines its international policies, both economic and military.

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Québec Solidaire and the resistance

With 15,000 members, two elected Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) in Québec’s provincial parliament, [1] and about 10 percent in the polls, Québec Solidaire (QS) is now a well-established force in a shifting political landscape. A party uniting different currents and sensibilities on the left, it has emerged in the context of a series of mass mobilizations against austerity policies and imperialist wars. It embodies the enormous potential of those movements as well as their limitations and contradictions.

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Fourth International

Geopolitical chaos and its implications: introductory notes for collective thinking

This contribution by Pierre Rousset was prepared for a meeting of the Fourth International Bureau in October 2014.

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