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Some of the more popular pages

Middle East

Disasters in Syria and Yemen

— an interview with Gilbert Achcar

Gilbert Achcar is the author of the forthcoming book Morbid Symptoms: Relapse in the Arab Uprising. A longtime Marxist analyst of Middle Eastern social movements and politics, he currently teaches at the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London. A recent interview on the status of the “Arab Spring” is online here. Against the Current editor David Finkel interviewed him by phone on March 3, 2016 to discuss the current crises in the region as well as the impact of the horrific refugee crisis.

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Politics of the New Abnormal

In the strangest of U.S. election seasons, the capitalist class appears to have partially lost control — temporarily at least — of its trusted political parties. The Bernie Sanders insurgency, which was expected to fizzle out by now, has instead gained strength as the Democratic primaries proceed. The outpouring of support for Sanders’ message reveals the chasm separating that party’s institutional elites from its voting base that’s been brutally affected by the capitalist crisis and neoliberal politics.

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Moment of truth for the Third Memorandum

Antonis Davanellos is a member of the Greek socialist group Internationalist Workers Left and a leading voice in Popular Unity, the left-wing alliance formed by members of the Left Platform of SYRIZA after the ruling party capitulated to the demands of the European blackmailers and approved the latest "Memorandum" package of austerity measures. In this article, published in French at the A l’encontre website and translated by Tom Gagné, he looks at the consequences as the scope of the Third Memorandum becomes clear.[socialistworker.org]

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