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Some of the more popular pages


Antisemitism, Zionism and the left

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader of the British Labour Party in August 2015 there has been an unending stream of attacks on him from a combination of the governing Conservative party, the main stream media and the right within the Labour Party itself on almost every imaginable subject. In the run up to extensive elections in Britain on May 5 these attacks focused on the question of supposed antisemitism inside the Labour Party – the strong implication being that such a development was a consequence of Corbyn’s election.

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The Future of the Left in Scotland

Elections to the Scottish Parliament took place on May 5, along with many other elections in different parts of Britain . The results for the new organisation on the Scottish left, RISE, which brings together a lot of activists who worked for a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum with the Scottish Socialist Party, were disappointing. Prominent RISE activist Johnathan Shafi exlpores some of the reasons and lessons for the future.

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Trade deals

TTIP: Local politics enters the global contest

European municipalities are joining the battle against TTIP to protect sovereignty and public services, demonstrating how to take political initiative and build an alternative economy

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