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Some of the more popular pages


Climate caravan completes its journey through India and Nepal

On the morning of 16 November 2014, the South Asia Climate Justice, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan attended byparticipants from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippinea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia and Germany, crossed the India border and arrived in Kolkata in the evening of the same day

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Rest in peace Leslie Feinberg

“Did we fight back because our love was outlawed? Or because we were gender outlaws? I never thought to ask myself that question. (..) We just closed ranks and fought hard.” (Leslie Feinberg, In the Spirit of Stonewall)

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Big Pharma and criminal super profits

Expenses for medicine at Danish public hospitals have doubled in only seven years. Prognoses say that in 2015 health authorities will have to allocate 1.1. billion Euro for this purpose.

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