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Some of the more popular pages


Truths and counter-truths

The front of information and misinformation

In every war, one of the fronts is that of information and misinformation. In the crisis that Ukraine is going through at present there is a discourse of the Russian state, expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, relayed by the political world, broadcast by media that are increasingly under the orders of the state and by the pro-Russian militias in eastern Ukraine. Its purpose is to delegitimize the Ukrainian government and state and to legitimize Russian interference in the affairs of the country. This discourse has an impact on important sectors of the population is Eastern Ukraine, which are suspicious of Kiev and influenced by the Russian media. Sometimes it even finds an echo in the Western media and, what is much worse, in a part of the left in Europe. It seems important to challenge the Russian version of events in Ukraine.

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Letter to Jokowi

Welcome to our struggle, Brother.

This morning I read your first speech as the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Surely it was a more daring speech than we’re used to hear from SBY. I’m glad it was you who received the majority vote from the people, because the other one shouldn’t have made it as presidential candidate from the start. Unfortunately, he too received quite a lot of votes from the people.

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Chinese ambitions - An imperialism in formation

China is not an "emerging country" but a power that has emerged. It is not a "sub-imperialism" ensuring order in its own region, but an imperialism "in formation." The new Chinese bourgeoisie is aiming to play in the big league. The success of its enterprise is still far from assured, but this ambition determines its international policies, both economic and military.

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