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Some of the more popular pages


Project fear denies Scottish independence

The proposal for an independent Scotland has been defeated in the referendum and the ruling elites have expressed a huge collective sigh of relief. It was a defeat based on fear and intimidation organised by the No campaign in collusion with Downing Street which delivered a "no" vote by a margin of 44.7% to 55.3%.

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Left activists in Ukraine are uniting into a new party

The Ukrainian “new left” discussed the idea of ​​creating a democratic party of labour on the basis of the political party “Socialist Ukraine”. Following this a Steering Committee was set up.

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The redeployment of French imperialism in Africa and the humanitarian daze of the left

The military operations decided by Paris in Libya (from March 2011), Mali (in January 2013) and the Central African Republic (CAR) (in December 2013), to which must be added the decisive intervention of the Licorne force to oust Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast (April 2011), have contributed to reviving the debate on the current strategy of French imperialism in Africa. What in fact are the causes of this increased warlike activism?

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