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Some of the more popular pages


The left face of the Putin regime

We reproduce here the political resolution of the Sixth Congress of the Russian Socialist Movement (RSD), which was held in Moscow on May 8 and 9, published on May 12 on the RSD website with the following statement: "This is our analysis of current trends in the evolving political system of Putinism (the" patriotic consensus "), its socio-economic course, its growing militarization, its fears in the face of social revolt, as well as the state of the forces opposed to the regime.

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After Three Months of Mexico’s Teachers’ Strike

The Neoliberal Education Reform on Shaky Ground

The beginning of negotiations between the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto and the National Educational Workers’ Coordinating Committee (CNTE) is a clear signal that the gigantic defamatory campaign, the selective murder of movement activists, the mass firings, the jailing of a dozen of the movement’s leaders and the government threat that it had “lost patience” were not enough to intimidate the heroic teachers’ mobilization. Quite the opposite: it managed to break down the intransigence of a government that had said “it would never be willing to negotiate the law.”

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Will Britain vote to leave the EU?

A referendum on whether or not to stay in the European Union will take place in Britain on June 23. The decision to hold it was a concession made by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to try to placate right-wing Eurosceptics in his own party. As predicted, it is resulting in a carnival of reaction.

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