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Some of the more popular pages


Statement of solidarity with the Kurdish masses against the attacks of the reactionary counter revolutionary forces

The attacks of the reactionary and takfirists armed forces did not cease against the Syrian civilian and revolutionary forces in each region it entered, including the kidnapping, murdering, arresting and slaughtering publicly activists. These reactionary counter revolutionary forces always worked to destroy the revolutionary popular movement and to impose their reactionary hegemony on the rest of the popular masses in the so called «liberated» areas, in which these reactionary forces were able to penetrate, especially Daech and similar type of organizations.

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France/Palestine solidarity

French government bans solidarity with people of Gaza

The demonstration in solidarity with the people of Gaza against Israeli attacks called by the “Collective for a lasting and just peace” on Saurday 19 July in Paris was banned by the police. The president François Hollande justified the ban saying the "conflict should not be brought to the streets of France". The Socialist Party mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, also defended the ban.

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Our history

Women against the First World War (1914-1918) – A time to remember

Women in Black of Madrid remember the Cassandras of the Great War:

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