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Some of the more popular pages


Bolivia Elects Morales for Another 5 Years: Is Revolutionary Change Still on the Agenda?

On Sunday, October 12, Bolivians voted to re-elect Evo Morales Ayma, Bolivia’s incumbent president, with an overwhelming 60% of the vote. Morales has indeed gained widespread popular support through his anti-imperialist and socialist policies, with even the World Bank forced to recognise the successes of his social programmes. His government has fallen short, however, of the revolutionary promises it was first elected on. That is why it is important to ask: how far do Morales’ reforms truly go?

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The limits of changes – Venezuela: terminal crisis of the rentier petro-state?

Venezuela’s failure to develop an effective strategy to reduce its economy’s dependence on gas and oil threatens the social successes and future viability of the Bolivarian project.

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Fourth International

Geopolitical chaos and its implications: introductory notes for collective thinking

This contribution by Pierre Rousset was prepared for a meeting of the Fourth International Bureau in October 2014.

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