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Some of the more popular pages


The results of the Kobane war; so far…

The battle of Kobane has been continuing for the past month. The attacks started on the 15th of September, and according to initial plans, firstly the surrounding the villages and then the town centre was to all by the 20th of September.

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Fourth International

Geopolitical chaos and its implications: introductory notes for collective thinking

This contribution by Pierre Rousset was prepared for a meeting of the Fourth International Bureau in October 2014.

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The terror of anti-terrorism

The Anti-Terrorism Courts (ATCs) were established after promulgation of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997, to fast-track cases against terrorists. In addition to terrorism, a range of other crimes such as arms trafficking, kidnapping, gang rape, sectarian violence, extortion, and target killings are also covered in the ATA. The parallel judicial infrastructure of the ATC under this Act was created for speedy justice. However, the track record of ATCs shows complete failure in awarding punishment to terrorists.

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