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Some of the more popular pages


What’s Left in Africa?

Reflections on the failure of left, working class movements to take root in most of Africa

The early 1950s witnessed an extraordinary sweep of popular mobilisations across the continent inspired by aspirations for emancipatory freedom – an end to the colonial yoke. Across the continent, nationalist parties convinced people that the path to freedom was through political independence. Since then, many of the gains of independence, which cost the blood and lives of millions in Africa, have been reversed with the privatisation of the commons and public utilities, as well as by dispossessions of land, by unemployment and by the increasing costs of food, rent and other necessities of life. In response, discontent has been growing across the continent, with spontaneous eruptions and mass uprisings that have in some cases resulted in the overthrow of regimes nurtured and nourished by imperialism (e.g. in Tunisia, Egypt and Burkina Faso). In such circumstances, one would have thought that there would have been fertile grounds for the emergence of strong left working class movements across the continent. But why has this not happened?

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Spanish State

Election in the Spanish State, a change of rhythm

The 24M elections mark a new stage in the protracted political crisis, just a year after Podemos erupted onto the scene in the European elections of 2014. It has been a crazy twelve months, sadly lacking in active social mobilizations, but extraordinarily intense in the political arena. The results of the elections will show just how far the ailing two party system has collapsed or been able to resist, as it fights tooth and nail to extend his reign. And they will show the real strength of its opponents: Ciudadanos, with its dual role as a crutch and an alternative, Podemos, and the broader local coalitions which Podemos takes part in, especially Barcelona en Comú and Ahora Madrid.

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North of Ireland

The Orange card trumps the Green: Austerity wins the election

A local writer once remarked that the new Northern Ireland reminded him of nothing so much as the old Northern Ireland.This truism was confirmed by May’s Westminster election, which could easily have been taking place in 1955.

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