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Some of the more popular pages


Revolutionary violence?

Violence has taken centre stage in South Korean student politics, after two suspected police informers were beaten to death by militants of the radical student union Hanchongnyon. Terry Lawless reports from Seoul.

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Congo-Zaire’s first reforms

Interview with Health Minister

Before becoming Health Minister, Dr. JB Sondji was director of Kinshasa Hospital, and leader of the Patriotic Front (Front Patriotique), the main radical left party in Kinshasa. Alain Mathieu asked him about the first weeks of the new government.

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Gays and the Left: Scratching the Surface

The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864-1935); Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left

The contemporary movement for lesbian/gay liberation was born out of the ferment of the New Left. Its leftist roots were openly acknowledged. Times have changed, nowadays lesbian/gay spokespeople and theorists are less likely to identify with the anti-capitalist left than they used to be.

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