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Some of the more popular pages

Hezbollah Debate

“The Savage Anomaly” of the Islamic Movement

Hezbollah won a great political victory in the Lebanon war this summer. But is this movement really a reactionary and rightist movement, or a deformed expression of rebellion and radicalisation?

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Our History

Alain Krivine and Algeria

Alain Krivine, one of the best-known leaders of the Fourth International, is about to publish his political memoirs, covering 50 years of political activism. He began his political life as a young Communist militant. It was in that capacity that he was sent to the World Youth Conference in Moscow in 1957, where he met with representatives of the Algerian FLN. This meeting was to be the turning point in his political life.

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The Anti-Imperialist Left Confronted with Islam

According to Tariq Ali, "For socialists the task is clear: the Muslim communities must be defended against being made scapegoats, against repression, against the very widespread representation that terrorism is proper to Islam. All that must be energetically fought. But at the same time we must not close our eyes to the social conservatism which reigns in these communities, nor hide it. We have to try to win this people to our own ideas."

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