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Will Evo Morales Change Bolivia?

Jeffery Webber argues that the sceptics - leftists who are pessimistic about the prospects of Evo Morales leading a radical, reforming government - are probably right.

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50 years since the Poznan uprising

The insurrectional uprising in the Polish town of Poznan in June 1956 shone a searchlight on the crisis of Stalinism. Preceded by a similar event in East Berlin (in 1953) and followed four months later by the Hungarian Revolution (October 1956), the Poznan insurrection opened the great cycle of the Polish workers’ struggles against the bureaucratic dictatorship (1970, 1976, 1980-1).

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Hezbollah Debate

“The Savage Anomaly” of the Islamic Movement

Hezbollah won a great political victory in the Lebanon war this summer. But is this movement really a reactionary and rightist movement, or a deformed expression of rebellion and radicalisation?

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