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Revolutionary internationalism and the national question

Fatherland or Mother Earth? Essays on the National Question by Michael Löwy (London: Pluto Press/IIRE, 1998)

Michael Löwy has made important contributions to Marxist thought for more than three decades. Portions of his previous writings have been gathered into the seven essays on nationalism and internationalism that make up this slim volume, produced as part of an innovative series by the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam.

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Eastern Europe

Foreign investment and capitalist enterprise

The privatisations and opening to foreign capital have been characterized systematically - from Albania to Russia, Romania and the Czech Republic - by recurring corruption scandals, rigged financial deals and privatisations of state functions.

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Compromises on the road to hell

FOR one and a half decades, the Ram temple at Ayodhya has been at the centre of the fascist drive for power. Between 1987 and 1992, a massive campaign was waged, to "prove" the claim that Ram, the hero of the myth Ramayana, had been born in Ayodhya, on the spot where Mir Baqi, a general of Babar, had built a mosque.

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