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Solidarity with Aleppo and popular democratic resistance in Syria

You may have noticed on Facebook many people changing their profile picture to a solid block of red. It’s for a campaign of solidarity with the Syrian city of Aleppo.

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Moment of truth for the Third Memorandum

Antonis Davanellos is a member of the Greek socialist group Internationalist Workers Left and a leading voice in Popular Unity, the left-wing alliance formed by members of the Left Platform of SYRIZA after the ruling party capitulated to the demands of the European blackmailers and approved the latest "Memorandum" package of austerity measures. In this article, published in French at the A l’encontre website and translated by Tom Gagné, he looks at the consequences as the scope of the Third Memorandum becomes clear.[socialistworker.org]

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March 31: a new step towards a general mobilization against the labour law

The national day of strikes and demonstrations on March 31 was unquestionably a success. The Inter-union Coordination (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL et FIDL) announced over a million demonstrators in 260 cities. On March 9, the figure announced was 450,000 in 170 cities.

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