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Starving Yemen

Is the forgotten war turning into a forgotten famine? What answers will we give when the next generation ask how we could watch these tragedies and do nothing?

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The Future of the Left in Scotland

Elections to the Scottish Parliament took place on May 5, along with many other elections in different parts of Britain . The results for the new organisation on the Scottish left, RISE, which brings together a lot of activists who worked for a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum with the Scottish Socialist Party, were disappointing. Prominent RISE activist Johnathan Shafi exlpores some of the reasons and lessons for the future.

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Canada’s State of Reconciliation

“Water versus oil: life versus death:” [1] Across Canada, Indigenous peoples continue to resist Canada’s ongoing disregard for treaty rights and the subjugation of environmental welfare to capitalist extractivism. The brutal suppression of water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota and their ongoing resistance has also galvanized Canadian conversations about Indigenous land rights and environmental welfare.

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