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World Congress documents

Marxism; Social crisis; Ecuador; Philippines

Portugal, China, Cuba, Kashmir, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Burma, Philippines, Economy


Some of the more popular pages


Mexican women - then and now

Mexican women’s lives — their work, their family life, their educational opportunities, the health care they can expect, their social standing, and political participation — have changed over the hundred years since the Mexican Revolution. The country has gone from being overwhelmingly rural to mainly urban; between 1930 and 2000 average life expectancy rose from 34 to 75 years; the conditions in which women do housework and care for children and the sick — still almost exclusively their responsibility — have changed enormously: the majority have running water, gas for cooking, indoor toilets, and homes with flooring.

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Economic crisis

Fiscal crisis or a crisis of distribution?

Squeeze the profits not the wages

We are in a new episode of the global crisis: the struggle to distribute the costs of the crisis. This crisis has been an outcome of increased exploitation and inequality, since the post-1980s across the globe. Neoliberalism tried to solve the crisis of the golden age of capitalism via a major attack on workers. The outcome was a dramatic decline in worker’s bargaining power and labor’s share in income across the globe in the post-1980s.

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Climate change/16th World Congress

Capitalist climate change and our tasks

The Sixteenth World Congress of the Fourth International adopted this resolution on Capitalist Climate Change and 0ur Tasks with 97% of the delegates in favour and 3% abstaining. The adoption of this resolution followed discussion of a lengthy report on climate change approved in February 2009 by the International Committee, and the adoption at the previous World Congress in 2003 of a resolution on Ecology and socalism.

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