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World Congress documents

Marxism; Social crisis; Ecuador; Philippines

Portugal, China, Cuba, Kashmir, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Burma, Philippines, Economy


Some of the more popular pages


Mexican women - then and now

Mexican women’s lives — their work, their family life, their educational opportunities, the health care they can expect, their social standing, and political participation — have changed over the hundred years since the Mexican Revolution. The country has gone from being overwhelmingly rural to mainly urban; between 1930 and 2000 average life expectancy rose from 34 to 75 years; the conditions in which women do housework and care for children and the sick — still almost exclusively their responsibility — have changed enormously: the majority have running water, gas for cooking, indoor toilets, and homes with flooring.

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Global Justice Movement

World Social Forum, ten years on

Since the World Social Forum was launched in June 2000, at the Alternative Social Summit in Geneva, coinciding with the United Nations Assembly on Social Development, ten years have passed. In this decade, the world has changed and the context in which the World Social Forum (WSF) emerged is different to that of today.

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Climate change/16th World Congress

Capitalist climate change and our tasks

The Sixteenth World Congress of the Fourth International adopted this resolution on Capitalist Climate Change and 0ur Tasks with 97% of the delegates in favour and 3% abstaining. The adoption of this resolution followed discussion of a lengthy report on climate change approved in February 2009 by the International Committee, and the adoption at the previous World Congress in 2003 of a resolution on Ecology and socalism.

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