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Some of the more popular pages


Mexican women - then and now

Mexican women’s lives — their work, their family life, their educational opportunities, the health care they can expect, their social standing, and political participation — have changed over the hundred years since the Mexican Revolution. The country has gone from being overwhelmingly rural to mainly urban; between 1930 and 2000 average life expectancy rose from 34 to 75 years; the conditions in which women do housework and care for children and the sick — still almost exclusively their responsibility — have changed enormously: the majority have running water, gas for cooking, indoor toilets, and homes with flooring.

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Europe: A continent in crisis, a rising far right

Europe is in crisis, and we are living through one of the worst anti-social and anti-labour offensives of our recent history, a crisis that is being used as backdrop for the justification and implementation of a “maximalist” neoliberal agenda, delivered through the IMF and its structural adjustment plans. Attacks and adjustments which meet with timid responses from the left (apart from Greece), with the majority of political and social organizations proving stunned in a nightmare that seems to have no end view.

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The meaning of the Greek crisis

Many things have been said about the Greek crisis in recent weeks, most of them obnoxious and confusing. These histories result in an argument that is aimed for export to all developed countries.

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