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The war drive and the opposition; Brazil: expectations and contradictions; China’s capitalist road.

War and the anti-war movement; Argentina; European Union.

Fourth International 15th World Congress.

Venezuela; Conference of the European Anti-Capitalist Left; Brazil.

European Union; European Social Forum; Brazil.

European Social Forum; Brazil; China.


Some of the more popular pages

On Lesbian/Gay Liberation

Lesbian/gay movements have grown considerably in numbers and spread to every continent since the late 1960s. They have managed to win significant reforms in some countries while many other movements have been on the defensive.

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From the Resistance to the new movements

Livio Maitan, a regular contributor to ’International Viewpoint’, has just published La strada percorsa - Dalla Resistanza ai nuovi movimenti: lettura critica e scelte alternative ("The Road Taken - From the Resistance to the New Movements: A Critical Reading and Alternative Options"), with a preface by Fausto Bertinotti.

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Change the world - without taking power?

Change the World Without Taking Power, The Meaning of Revolution Today: John Holloway, Pluto Press 2002 (p/bk).

Discussing the ideas in this book is useful, not because John Holloway has legions of devoted followers, but because many of the ideas he advances about fundamental social change are widespread in the global justice movement and anti-war movement internationally.

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