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The war drive and the opposition; Brazil: expectations and contradictions; China’s capitalist road.

War and the anti-war movement; Argentina; European Union.

Fourth International 15th World Congress.

Venezuela; Conference of the European Anti-Capitalist Left; Brazil.

European Union; European Social Forum; Brazil.

European Social Forum; Brazil; China.


Some of the more popular pages


Against the expulsions of PT parliamentarians

In defence of democracy

The resolution which follows was adopted by the seventh National Conference of the Socialist Democracy Tendency of the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT).

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The transition to capitalism

The 20th People’s National Assembly met in Beijing in March 2003 to approve changes in the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the executive bodies of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) which had been decided on four months earlier by the nomenclature of the party at its 16th Congress.

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The marginalization of sub-Saharan Africa

The neoliberal structural adjustment imposed on the sub-Saharan African states from the 1980s onwards, aimed at dismantling the underdeveloped or dependent welfare states established in the first decades of independence, aroused popular opposition in a good number of sub-Saharan countries. The loss of legitimacy of the traditional neocolonial regimes allowed a relative “democratic opening” in the areas of freedom of expression, a multiparty system and change of government by electoral means rather than military coups. Meanwhile, in South Africa, the regime of constitutional apartheid was ended.

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