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In defence of Argentina’s right to recover its energy wealth.

International appeal

Wednesday 9 May 2012

This international appeal in defence of Argentina’s right to recover its energy wealth was initiated by the MST (Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores) of Argentina.

Buffeted by the energy crisis and faced with Repsol’s failure to respect its obligations, the Argentine government – which has for some years allowed the pillage of its biggest national enterprise - has finally realised a partial expropriation of YPF (51% of its shares) from the hands of the multinational Repsol. This has led to criticism and the threat of sanctions from Spain and the European Union. We consider that the attacks against Argentina from the Spanish government, other imperialist countries and some Latin American governments are an attempt to continue the super-exploitation and blackmail exerted over the Latin American countries by the Spanish, European or US multinationals,

The struggle for the full recuperation of natural and energy resources traverses the whole of Latin America. That is why we call upon the working class and the peoples of Latin America, Spain and Europe to unite their voices and reject all attacks and economic aggression against Argentina, to defend the rights of each sovereign people to take control of its resources and expropriate the multinationals; to fight so that the wealth of each country like oil, gas, minerals or water are under the social control of the workers and citizens. It is thus that we can ensure a use that respects nature and that profits are reinvested for the majority of the population rather than a privileged minority.

We also believe that in the context of the legitimate right of each people to dispose of its natural resources, the decision of the Argentine government is a step still fairly distant from the objective because it maintains YPF as a public limited company whereas outside of YPF the multinationals continue in Argentina to administer most oil production and export. That is a situation which must change so as to win full energy sovereignty.

To take up the rich history of Argentine and the struggle of several generations of its oil workers, we rely on the Argentine social and political organisations which can develop a campaign to obtain a YPF which is 100% owned by the state and the Argentine people in the context of the full nationalisation of oil production under social control.

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Fourth International

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