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IV455 - December 2012

Latest addition : 11 January 2013.


[1] The Left Bloc is an anticapitalist party in Portugal, founded in 1998 on the initiative of three political forces: the People’s Democratic Union (UDP, of Maoist origin), the Revolutionary Socialist Party (PSR, Portuguese section of the Fourth International) and Política XXI (a regroupment of activists from the PCP, whose conservative Stalinist orientation they criticized). In the 1999 elections it two members elected to Parliament, with 2.44 per cent of the popular vote. Subsequently it progressed regularly: 2.74 per cent and 3 MPs in 2002, 3.61 per cent and 8 MPs in 2005, 9.81 per cent and 16 MPs in 2009. In the legislative elections on June 5, 2011, the Left Bloc saw a drop in it support, getting 558,062 votes (5.19 per cent) and 8 MPs. Among the 29 signatories of the call launched on 27 August 2012, which led to the imposing demonstrations against the Troika on September 15 - the largest since May 1, 1974, with more than 10 per cent of the Portuguese population in the streets – the only activists linked to a political party were with the Left Bloc (see the series of articles in International Viewpoint 453, October 2012).

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