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Building new parties of the left

Latest addition : 8 April.

This section brings together contributions discussing the questions of building broad new left or anti-capitalist parties. Among the most recent contributions are those that were submitted to the meetings of the Fourth International leadership in 2012, 2013 and 2014 either for discussions relating to the balance sheet of specific cases, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Portugal in 2012, Pakistan, Spanish state and France in 2013, and the Philippines, Britan and Greece in 2014 or more general contributions.

Older discussions include one starting from the results of the 2003 European elections, where Alex Callinicos, Murray Smith and Alan Thornett discuss how the left should organise, the role of revolutionaries and their relationship with broader anti-capitalist formations. Picking up the thread in 2008, Phil Hearse and David Packer make an assessment in the light of divisions in some broad parties, such as Respect. Other contributions discuss perspectives in Scotland in the SSP, in Germany or Italy or consider more general questions.

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