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Fourth International

22nd International Revolutionary Youth Camp

Thursday 16 June 2005

This year’s International Revolutionary Youth Camp is being held in Barbaste, near Agen in France. The camp is organised by the French Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR) and the youth group Jeunnesse Communiste Revolutionnaires (JCR), in collaboration with the European organizations in solidarity with the Fourth International.

Visit the camp web site to register.

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France is a hot bed of radical activity with school students blockading schools against the neoliberal attacks we are all too familiar with in Britain.

As well as a massive vote against the European Constitution, workers have been striking and demonstrating almost constantly for many months. Every year the camp is held in a different country. Last year it was the turn of the Spanish State, where Espacio Alternativo and Revolta Global played hosts, and before that Portugal, France and Italy.

Among the speakers will be Gilbert Achcar, Léonce Aguirre, Daniel Bensaid,Peter Drucker, Penny Duggan and Jean Nanga.

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